ICE innovation competition

Published on Saturday, May 2, 2020

ICE innovation competition

As part of the University of Applied Science’s direction to transform difficulties into opportunities through which it can serve its country, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship center ICE has held a competition to find solutions to adapt with Coronavirus through innovative pioneering projects.
The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center team headed by Prof. Iman Basheti, Vice President and Director of the Center, discussed on the evening of Saturday May 2, 2020 8:00 pm on the Microsoft Teams platform the teams that qualified for the finals of the competition for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, which is devising solutions to combat the impact of the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid) -19). Nine teams qualified for the competition, in a variety of areas of innovation, including technological solutions for mental and physical health, education, community service, the environment, entertainment, vulnerable populations, the labor market and jobs, crisis management and public safety. The event concluded with the awarding of the top three teams, the winning team of the best show, and the winner of the audience vote award. The results were as follows:

✨ The first-place winning team: Spaces, which consists of students Abdullah Awad, Youssef Al-Najjar, and Tala Qa'dan, and the prize for the team was 500 Jordanian dinars, presented to them by the university.

✨ The second-place winning team: Home-X, which consists of students Anas Al-Asaad, Raneem Al-Gammal, and Wael Moawad, and the prize for the team was 300 Jordanian dinars, presented to them by the university.

✨ And because all the projects were distinctive, then the third place came from two teams who got the same evaluation points. The two third place winners are the Steps team, which consists of students Anas Musa, Muhammad Fahal, Mahmoud Ammouri, and the Absher team, which consists of Dana Al Shobaki, Zaid Odeh. And Dania Al-Essawi. Where they received a financial prize of 200 Jordanian dinars presented to them from the university.

✨ The "Absher" team also won the public vote, which was opened on a private channel for a quarter of an hour only, and they got an additional cash prize of 50 dinars for obtaining the highest audience vote.

✨ The best presentation is Safe Jo, which consists of students Tala Al-Kurdi, Marwa Al-Otaibi, and Zaid Al-Khader and also their prize is 50 dinars.

Winning projects ideas:
💡 Project Spaces: Creating digital spaces and booking electronic role tickets for all services through Virtual Tickets with their project. Citizens will relax from waiting and crowding during and after the Corona crisis.

Steps project: an innovation that would stimulate community service and promote walking by connecting volunteers in the local community with the disabled, those with special needs and those forced to quarantine, through an application to deliver their needs free of charge through the means of walking to meet their needs from neighboring stores . Their application is viable during and after the Corona crisis.

Home X Project: Creating an application that helps reduce excess weight due to stone and reduce nervous tension, group participation and communication through competing for a short, group sports challenge remotely at home. Prove your fitness and challenge from a distance (Virtual Challenge) and collect points to win rewards worthy of the hero athletes who defied the home quarantine and the virus. With Home-X the sports enthusiasm will never stop and the happiness when hearts beat together.

The "Absher" project: Creating a charitable application for social solidarity and meeting the needs of the needy in terms of food, furniture and aid .. By applying them, the hand of aid will be faster, God willing, because crises bring us together and reveal our mineral.

💡 Save Jo Project: Creating a Digital Safety Distance ... Citizens have the same color as the app, and their project to help Jordan be safer.

The university thanks all the students who participated in the competition and who all seem to be distinguished for their ideas by presentation and presentation, wishing them more excellence and creativity.



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